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Message from Scott Riles
There has been a notion posted on the web in random places that I do not stock or sell the 30 mm irises. That statement is FALSE.

It is true for however for the 22 mm irises, there are too many sources for these from other third party vendors.

A stock of the Centra Ultima 30 mm adjustable iris’s is on the shelf for sales to all my customers in 4 different range sizes:
2.8 – 4.8 mm
3.8 – 5.8 mm
5.0 – 7.0 mm
5.5 – 7.5 mm

I also have a limited supply of Centra made 30 mm iris rear shades. Made an effort to obtain the 30 mm Gehmann irises for stock but that is not going to happen any time soon.

Please call or email for a price quote and availability.

Before the Riles Adjustable Front Sight System, using a standard configuration with the stepped ladder did not satisfy the needs of match shooters. The ladder design does not have the durability and repeatability of this concept. Earlier sights with both interchangeable metal and plastic inserts ruled until the introduction of the optical diopter, adjustable iris, and magnifying lens. The Riles Front Sight System, designed by Scott Riles, further refined front sights for small-bore, cross course and long-range rifle competitors.

These sights are assembled exclusively from parts manufactured by Scott Riles
The Riles Adjustable Front Sight System allows the shooter to install a standard Scott Riles sight base on many different rifles and move a single upper being 22, or 30 mm accessory thread from rifle to rifle depending preference, conditions and match requirements.

Available in Two Different Rifle Types

Palma (front row) bolt action and HighBoy (back row) for AR space gun or Tube gun type match rifles.

Both sights are designed for cross course, mid and long-range target shooting with a 200 to 1000 yard range.

Scott Riles developed the Riles Adjustable Front Sight System with feedback from competitive shooters to provide the best solution today within the bounds of established competition rules, manufacturing technology and cost considerations. The sights are precision machined with very close tolerances allowing you to change or remove uppers without loosing your zeros. All markings are clearly engraved and filled with a contrasting lacquer for easy, fast, positive and accurate adjustments.


Riles Adjustable Front Sight System is 4 times the strength of other sights due to improved design and selection of materials.

Scott Riles will replace, at no cost, any Riles upper piece bent or broken during normal range use and handling.

Removal of the upper during transporting of rifle eliminates possible sight damage and also eliminates an obstruction when shooting a scope. The Palma/HighBoy design has a very positive method of lockup and repeatability.

We now accept Credit Card or Checks

If for some reason you enter an order or a request for quotation on the website and you do not get a response within 24 hours please Email Scott at sdriles1939@gmail.com,
or call us at 805)796-0627.
Thank you for your patience.


All aluminum sight hardware and accessory items, except for the 30 mm lenses and
commercial bolts and washers,are designed and fabricated by Scott Riles. No exceptions
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