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  30 mm Palma Extended Upper Vertical Pieces  

We have added additional options for the Palma 30 mm sight to accommodate new sight height requirements imposed by the recent AR/spacegun developments. The 30 mm sight is now available in the following ranges of sight heights:

Center of Sight to Center of Bore Dimension --Closed --------------Extended

Standard Unit
(Roughly 66 Min)
Dash - 1 Unit
(Roughly Plus 78 Min)
Dash - 2 Unit
(Roughly Plus 145 Min)

All options are backward compatible, 20 pitch serrations only, applies to previously manufactured mounting base hardware.

Accurate serration profile/pitch control does allow easy recalculation of new elevation values.

Pricing for Extended Uppers includes the Sight Tube and Level assembly only. Bases are sold separately. Available in 20 Pitch Serrations Only. All aluminum hardware is black anodized.


Standard Unit
Dash -1 Unit
Dash -2 Unit

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