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Anschutz Dovetail Mount

This new product will allow a shooter to use the Scott Riles Palma upper assemblies with 18, 22, and 30mm accessory threds, on their domestic and European style smallbore/fullbore target rifles. This new mounting method will allow an option to the shooter to install his sight system on a tapered or larger than 0.850 diameter barrel, the barrel does not need to be turned to a specific cylindrical diameter.

Anschutz Dovetail Mount shown with Palma upper assembly mounted

Top Mount Anschutz Dovetail Mount

The Anschutz Dovetail Mount has an integral machined dovetail t match the dovetail feature machined into the muzzle end of the 1900 series Anschutz match rifles. The mount is secured by two flat bottom set screws on a 0.860 hole spacing

These mounts are made from billet grade aircraft aluminum 7075-T651 and black anodized for durability. The same attention to accuracy and detail is taken in the manufacturing of the accessories as is taken in the manufacturing of the front sights.

This mount will accept the 18, 22 or 30 mm RnR Palma uppers same as the standard barrel base with no change in windage zeros. The 30mm upper will give you a higher head position because of the nature of the design, roughly 0.210 of an inch.

The Anschutz Dovetail Mount comes with it's own unique retaining bolt for the upper, it is different length than furnished with the basic Palma sights and must be used to secure the vertical pieces to the mount. You must verify clearance between the end of the bolt and the barrel during initial installation to prevent bolt contact with the barrel.








All aluminum sight hardware and accessory items, except for the 30 mm lenses and
commercial bolts and washers,are designed and fabricated by Scott Riles No exceptions

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