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Adjustable Front Sight System
Sights for Two Different Rifle Types
22mm and 30mm
Bolt Action Match Rifles
AR space gun or Tube gun type match rifles
Both sights are designed for cross course, mid and long-range target shooting with a 200 to 1,200 yard range with Serration values within +/- 0.0003 of form tolerance.

Upper piece threads of both the Palma and HighBoy units will accept standard Anschutz, Gehmann and Centra accessories.

Manufactured from aircraft strength 7075-T6511 aluminum extruded and artificially aged bar stock with basic black as the standard color.

The 0.50 diopter coated lens used in the 30mm sight is the best product available on the commerical market for this application. The lens is an Essilor manufactured lens with a Crizal anti-reflective coating.

An acrylic tubular level is standard and positioned in the top, center of the 30mm tube.

Due to manufacturing constraints all “in-the-white” units will be treated as a special order and will be the same price as an anodized unit. The in-the-white units/parts cannot be machined ahead of time and placed into inventory. There will be a lead time for these specials as they must be scheduled into a run of similar parts and will be quoted as such.

Spirit Level
Available for Palma and HighBoy with 22 mm thread uppers.



All aluminum sight hardware and accessory items, except for the 30 mm lenses and
commercial bolts and washers,are designed and fabricated by Scott Riles. No exceptions
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