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Enclosed is your new Palma type front sight. There should be three separate pieces for mounting purposes.

Barrel Band with two socket head cap screws, I refer to it as the Base.
Upper Piece with one retainer bolt, I refer to it as the Vertical Piece.
Gross Serration Cover

The base is to be mounted on the barrel as level as possible with the rear sight. Don’t let it touch the shoulder of the barrel, just short of being all the way back. Tighten the clamp bolts to about 15 inch pounds force.

Install the Vertical Piece with the bolt and washer provided. Do not use a different bolt to hold the Vertical Piece in place, it is a specific length so as not to bottom out on the barrel. The supplied washer must always be used. The same is true for the plastic Serration Cover.
The plastic block is for covering the serration’s of the Base when you remove the Vertical Piece for scope use. This will keep the serration’s from being damaged in handling or carrying your rifle in different gun cases.

Always keep a light film of oil on the serrations and all threads, this prevents galling.

Now as to sighting in and setting the sight. Insert the adjustable aperture and level the cross hair, lock in place with the lock washer. Put the sight on and go to the range. Adjust your REAR sight to a normal 200 yard setting and record. While shooting at 200 yards adjust the front sight up or down to obtain a 200 yard zero. Each serration is worth 3 or 6 full minutes of elevation. Check the position of the bolt holding the Vertical piece in place, if it is not close to the bottom of the slot something is wrong. The further the Vertical Piece is from the bottom of the slot for your 200 yard zero, the less adjustment you will have for 1000 yards.

I use the ZERO-ZERO as my 200 yard starting point. Now apply your come-ups for the other ranges on the front sight only. The stamped numbers are minutes of change, 3 or 6 minutes per serration. As in Alice and Wonderland, Down is Up. You move your front sight Down and your bullet impact will go Up.
My settings are as follows;

200 yards 0 –
600 yards 14.0 minutes up
800 yards 21.0 minutes up
900 yards 27.0 minutes up
1000 yards 33.0 minutes up

These settings are for a 30 inch barrel, anything else will make a difference.

I hope this all makes sense to you. If it doesn’t let me know and I will help you get it worked out.

Good shooting,


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